Acting on Vital Signs

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Acting on Vital Signs


Following the launch in October, we have made a couple of presentations (one to a service club and the other a public session) to continue to create awareness around the Foundation, the key issues in the community, and the steps we are taking to facilitate collaborative action to contribute to addressing them. We have an additional three presentations planned, two to Rotary branches, and a third to a long established inter-services group. If you would are interested in a presentation to a group or club you are a part of, please contact us.

Advisory Committee

We have also facilitated a number of planning sessions, initially with the Advisory Committee that we formed at the start of the Vital Signs process a year ago. The work to date, in addition to relationship building amongst its members, has resulted in identifying 3 priority issue areas:

  • Learning
  • Food Insecurity, and
  • Getting Around

where it was felt that collaborative action would further contribute to building a strong, resilient and healthy PEC.

Collaborative Project/s

The Advisory Committee have also worked to identify other service providers who they felt would need to be involved in identifying and planning any project/s in these 3 priority issue areas. Recently, 40 people from many community organizations convened for an organizational planning session. New, high priority ideas surrounding the 3 main issue areas (learning, food insecurity and getting around) were discussed and working groups are ready to go forth and lead the development of a project or projects in these areas.


For further information please visit the blog article "COMMUNITY RESPONDS TO PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY VITAL SIGNS REPORT"