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Donor Options

The County Community Foundation offers a number of ways to support our community's well-being. We have a variety of funds available for our donors to consider. Many of them are open funds where gifts may be made by any interested contributor at any time thereby allowing even modest contributions to be joined with others' gifts for maximum charitable benefit.

The Community Fund is comprised of donations, large and small, from a variety of sources, individuals, corporations and foundations. A donation to this fund gives the Foundation the greatest flexibility. The earnings on this fund enable our Board of Directors to respond to current community needs through the provision of grants to charities throughout Prince Edward County.

A Designated Fund gives donors the opportunity to specify, at the time the fund is established, which particular charities to support. If unexpectedly, an organization ceases to exist, we can redirect the fund to support a similar cause. The minimum donation to open a designated fund is $10,000.

A Donor-Advised Fund enables donors to have ongoing participation in the selection of charities that will benefit from the fund. Donors may choose this type of fund instead of creating a family trust or private foundation. Existing foundations may transfer their assets to the County Community Foundation to reduce administration while still remaining involved in allocating grants. The minimum donation to open a donor-advised fund is $10,000.

Charitable Organization Endowment Funds can be created and administered by the Foundation on behalf of registered charities. This allows the organization freedom from investment responsibility and gives donors the confidence of knowing that a permanent foundation is in place to professionally administer the charity's endowment. Once established, the charity can encourage its donors to contribute to its endowment fund. The minimum donation to open this type of fund is $10,000.