Food Security Vision and Actions

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Food Security

  • Active working group consisting of 20 organizations and community members.

  • Partnered with HPE Public Health and County of Prince Edward to develop a pilot project community garden in Delhi Park in 2016.  Thirty-six raised beds were constructed by volunteers, and garden beds were allotted to individuals and organizations.  Several beds were planted for donations to community food programs like the food banks and Food Not Bombs. Master gardeners presented educational sessions in the garden. Plans are underway for the 2017 season in Picton and a new community garden is being planned in Wellington.  These gardens are members of the newly-formed Community Garden Network of HPE.

  • Ongoing involvement in the regional “Fresh For All” initiative which encourages local farmers and gardeners to donate fresh produce to local food programs.

  • Working group member organizations provide food services and programs such as Public Health HPE’s Food Access Guide, CDC Quinte’s Good Food Box program, and the school district’s Food for Learning.  Participation in the working group enables these organizations to discover ways to collaborate with others in providing these services.

  • The County Foundation continues to seek our funding support for community projects which contribute to Food Security in PEC.