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Why the Hummingbird:

hummingbirdHummingbirds are very small, but their hearts beat strong and fast. Many species of plants depend upon the hummingbird for pollination. In some cultures, they are a symbol of energy, vigour, and willingness to do work. In others, the hummingbird is thought to have magical powers - bring fire to the people or finding ways to fulfill desires. And in still others, they are a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. The Mayans believed the bird to be the sun in disguise courting a beautiful woman who is the moon. Hopi and Zuni legends tell of hummingbirds convincing the gods to bring rain to help humans. The Aztecs believed the god of music took the form of a hummingbird and went into the underworld to make love to a goddess, who then gave birth to the first flower. The Chayma people of Trinidad believed the hummingbirds to be dead ancestors bringing gifts from the past to the present, so there was a taboo against harming them. And finally, even though they might dash off to warmer climates in the winter for a bit, they always come back to the County.